If you’re looking for wedding styling for your Sunshine Coast wedding, look no further. We pride ourselves on our personal service and care about your special day from beginning to end

Michele’s creative journey started from gaining her Bachelor of Arts and Design Degree. Having worked within the film and television industry, including many years within the creative industries, Michele can bring your vision to life - whatever your style or individual preference. 

She has a passion for all things weddings and has styled over 100 Noosa weddings since taking over Noosa Wedding and Events in 2015.  She loves to talk all things creative and enjoys a relaxed meeting over coffee at one of Noosa’s amazing cafes.


Roger is a born ‘people person’. He’s our go-to logistics man and van-loading extraordinaire.  He’s a fantastic organiser, honed from years of experience in production and logistics management. He’ll ensure everything is delivered on time to the right place! Having lived on the Sunshine Coast for 14 years, Roger’s knowledge of the local area is a great help when Google maps doesn’t work!


We love working together, and with our combined managerial and creative skills, we are both committed to giving you an amazing and memorable experience. Be it your dream wedding,  party or  special occasion, you can rest assured you will be in our safe and caring hands.


We congratulate you on your forthcoming special day and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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1ª PARTE: ¿Qué somos y cómo funcionamos?

  • Somos energía?
  • Los pensamientos (como energía eléctrica)
  • Personalidad y emociones memorizadas
  • La mente (consciente y subconsciente)
  • Física Cuántica (algunos conceptos)
  • Coherencia y Cambio

2ª PARTE: “Procesos de manifestación”

  • La fórmula para manifestar
  • Ser
  • Rediseñando un Nuevo Estado del Ser
  • Ensayo Mental

3ª PARTE: “El Proceso Meditativo”

  • Meditación (parte teórica)
  • Meditación (parte práctica)
  • Cierre final: meditación en conjunto